What niche is NLP?

What niche is NLP

What niche is NLP (Natural Language Processing)?

Let’s first answer the question: What is NLP (natural language processing)?

According to IBM, modern technology has allowed machines to “understand and respond to text or vocal data–and then respond with text or spoken words of their own–in a similar way that humans do.”

NLP, a specific area of computer science that uses raw text, speech, or plain text as input, is a branch of AI. It transforms that data into data that computers can understand. The niche of NLP, or artificial intelligence, is computer science.

The data is then processed by machine learning and statistical methods for creating text or speech. It uses technologies such as machine learning, statistical, and deep learning models to process the human language as text or voice.

Text processing is used to interpret the source data and complete a sentence.

Who can use NLP in many linguistic, robotics, vision, and image applications? It is used as an artificial intelligence to perform many tasks.

NLP technology is used in chatbots and voice-operated GPS systems. It also helps to streamline business and production processes.

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