Smite Definitions | What Does Smite Mean?

What Does Smite Mean

Human language is constantly evolving. Words once popular will no longer be in fashion. Instead, it will adopt a new meaning. Others that haven’t been used for years will suddenly become more popular.

People are still unsure about the definition of smite in Old English; a word often used to describe smite.

What does “smite” mean?

The verb smite refers to the action of hitting someone.

Merriam-Webster defines the term smite to mean: “to strike hard or heavily, especially with your hand or an implement in your hand.”

These are examples of sentences that use the word “smite” and its many forms.

  • The man pledged to kill his enemies
  • The plague smote the family.
  • Floods destroyed villages
  • The blacksmith was smashing the iron

There is a separate definition for “smitten” that is more current than that associated with smite.

Merriam-Webster’s alternative definition of “smitten” is “deeply affected by or struck by strong emotions or attraction, affection or infatuation.”

You are more likely to hear the term “smitten,” referring to someone talking about feelings. For example, this man was completely smitten with his wife.

Where is the word most common?

Smite is an old word. You’re more likely to find the word in its original usage in classic literature and the Bible.

Understanding Jesus reports more than 200 uses of the term ” smite ” within the Bible.

Some passages include:

  • Jehovah told him that whoever killed Cain would be retributed sevenfold. Jehovah placed a mark upon Cain to prevent anyone from finding him. Gen 4:15
  • “Deliver Me, I Pray thee, from my brother’s hand from the hand Esau: For I fear him, lest he smite me.” Gen 32:11
  • “And if they refuse to go, behold, I will smite all your borders with frogs.” Exo 8.2
  • “For now, I will extend my hand so that I may strike thee and your people with pestilence; then thou shall be cut off from all of the earth.” Exo 9:15
  • “And if the smiter strikes him with an iron instrument so that he died, he’s a murderer: The murderer shall surely die.” Num 35.16

Geographically, smite could be referred to as River Smite in New Zealand, Leicestershire, and Nottinghamshire in England.

Smite is an online multiplayer game that was released in 2014. It allows players to control a god or goddess and participate in team-based fights using their skills, tactics, and abilities against other players.

The famous quote “Smite Me, Oh Mighty Smiter!” may be familiar to Jim Carrey’s fans. They have seen Bruce Almighty, in which Bruce is transformed into a god.

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