Video: Russia’s Moskva Cruiser Hit By Ukraine’s Neptune Missiles

Russia's Moskva Cruiser Hit By Ukraine's Neptune Missiles

Oleksiy Arestovych, Volodymyr Zelensky’s presidential advisor, shared a video to Tweet that showed what he claimed was Russia’s Moskva Cruiser being hit by Ukraine’s Neptune Missiles.

Arestovych tweeted, “Warehouses with ammunition from the 22nd Army Corps (Crimea), were destroyed.”

“The Russian navy’s flagship, Moskva carried out a negative surface operation on the island. It was told to go f*** its self. Is Moskva still there? It fell”

The video is almost entirely black, except for one moment when a flash can be seen. This is believed to be the Neptune missile striking a Russian vessel.

After Russia claimed that its missile cruiser Moskva had caught fire, who made this video.

Wall Street Journal’s foreign correspondent Yaroslav Trfimov shared an article from Telegram highlighting this.

Russia admits that its flagship Black Sea Fleet missile cruiser Moskva is on fire. It was evacuated after Ukraine claimed it had hit it with two Neptune cruise missiles. Trofimov tweeted, “A potential turning point in war.”

According to David Axe, a Daily Beast journalist, the possibility that Russia will replace the Moskva ship that was destroyed is also possible.

It gets worse for Russia. He tweeted that Turkey will not allow any of the two remaining ‘Slava-class cruisers to enter the Black Sea to replace “Moskva”.

“Russia has lost half of its naval firepower against Ukraine, and cannot restore it without going to war NATO.”

MaksymMarchenko, the governor of Odesa Oblast and former commander of a battalion in the Ukrainian Ground Forces, wrote earlier on Telegram that two Ukrainian-made Neptune anti-ship cruise missiles struck the Russian ship, causing “very severe damage” to the Moskva.

Moskva is the vessel that was famous for telling the Ukrainian troops at Snake Island to surrender. Only to be told to “f*** away!”

Anton Gerashcenko was an advisor to the Ukrainian ministry and called Russian mothers to express gratitude to Putin for the event. He also gave an estimate of how many people were killed.

“There were 510 [crew] aboard the Moskva. This means that between 250 and 300 people died. Mothers of Russia, please wait for the funeral to thank Putin.

Michael Petersen (director of Russia Maritime Studies Institute at US Naval War College) spoke on BBC Radio 4’s about the significance and symbolism of the attack while speaking to Radio 4.

He said, “I believe it has symbolic and military values.”

This is Russia’s flagship Black Sea fleet. It’s getting a little old, but it’s still the symbol of Russian naval power at the Black Sea.

“Russian Navy may feel more obligated to operate farther off-shore than they did previously.”

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