Various Causes Of Hair Loss That You Should Be Aware Of

Hair loss is a common problem that is faced by both men and women in the whole world today. Almost each and every individual suffers from hair loss at some point in life. Living in the current environment, even young people, mostly in the early twenties are also turning bald.

There are usually two basic types of hair loss which include; scaring (hair follicle is spoiled hence hair cannot regrow) and also non –scaring where hair loss is attributed to a number of factors like genetics, poor nutrition, illness as well as medications.

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The main causes and also the risk factors to the hair loss include; aging, illnesses, improper and poor diet or the hormonal changes.

Which are some of the causes of hair loss?

1. Malnutrition and also unhealthy eating habits

Malnutrition, as well as unhealthy eating habits, may destroy your hair and therefore be a major cause of the hair loss. Starving for prolonged periods of time has also been discovered to deny your hair some of the essential nutrients they usually require. Dry scalp and eventually dry hair are as a result of anorexia. These causes of hair loss can simply be overcome by just consuming the fatty acids that are present in both salmon and fish oil along with various seeds like flax and the walnuts.

2. Shampoos and conditions

This is another cause of hair loss in human beings. It’s a fact that they usually remove both the dirt and the dust out of your hair but Unfortunately, making use of these products more often has its own side effects. Along with the washing away of the dirt, they as well cleanse the hair of its protective oils. The solution to this cause of hair loss is by using a mild shampoo and also a conditioner for not more than three times a week. Also, you can use a natural remedy to prevent hair loss whereby you can use vegetables or else plant proteins.

3. Extreme climatic conditions

Another main cause of the hair loss is extreme climatic conditions like the sun rays, rainfall and also strong winds. For the athletes and also the outdoor workers or the project employees, it’s highly recommended that they take various protective measures before they turn baldness. They should wear a scarf, a cap (swimming cap when swimming) or a hat.

4. Too much exercise

An extreme exercise normally drains your body of its essential nutrition that in return causes your hair follicles to lose the strength. Exercises should just be moderate and also should be accompanied by a good diet in order to provide your body with the required energy as well as the nutrients.

5. Pregnancy and childbirth

Hormonal changes that relate to the pregnancy and also giving birth can cause a sudden hair loss in women. It usually happens from two to three months once women give birth since their bodies undergo through various hormonal changes.

6. Alopecia

This is one of the most serious causes of hair loss. There are numerous forms of this particular condition though it has got no cure. The forms of alopecia include;

Alopecia totalis which results in total loss of hair on all of the scalp.

The Alopecia Universalis which is a total hair loss all over your body.

Alopecia areata – in this particular condition, the patients normally experience a sudden loss of hair in patches which leave bald spots in various parts of your scalp.

7. Heredity and health problems

If hair loss can simply be caused by external sources such as strong sunlight, strong wind or water with chlorine, then there are still internal sources which play a great part in it. Heredity and also various health problems are significant causes of hair loss. In case you don’t get better hair through various conditioning treatments, then it’s about time to contact a health professional.

8. Lack of enough sleep

Lack of enough sleep when you don’t get enough sleep, you may end up losing your hair. This is because getting inadequate sleep normally stresses your hair follicles causing the hair to fall off than normal.

9. Allergies

Allergies that are caused by medication, weather changes or dust can as well lead to itching and also the sudden loss of hair. Hot weather causes your hair to lose the moisture which leads to hair loss.

The above are some of the causes of the hair loss that you should be aware of.