UK will send M270 Rocket launchers for Ukraine

UK will send M270 Rocket launchers for Ukraine

Britain will provide Ukraine with rockets that have multiple launch systems that can strike targets as far as 80km (50 miles) away, the government said on Monday, in a decision that the United States coordinated in response to the Russian invasion.

Defense Secretary Ben Wallace said Britain’s support for Ukraine could change as Russia’s tactics changed, explaining the significance of the M270 multi-launch system.

“These extremely powerful multiple launch rocket systems will allow us and our Ukrainian family members to safeguard themselves from the brutal use of artillery with a long range, that (Russian president Vladimir) Putin’s forces repeatedly used to wipe out the cities of Ukraine,” Wallace said in an official statement.

Last week, U.S. President Joe Biden stated that Washington would provide Ukraine with M142 High Mobility Artillery Rocket Systems, also known as HIMARS after he was given promises from Kyiv that It wouldn’t use it to strike target Russian territories.

Putin declared that the arms deliveries included “nothing new”; however, he warned that there could be a reaction if the United States supplied longer-range munitions for HIMARS systems.

The U.S. Department of Defense announced that it would supply Ukraine with the four M142 HIMARS systems and a Guided Multiple Launch Rocket System that it said offered a range of more than 40 miles (64 kilometers).

Britain has announced that Ukrainian soldiers would get instructed on how to use the latest launchers in Britain following its earlier statement that it would prepare Ukrainian personnel to utilize armored vehicles.

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