Top 3 Best Beach Cities on the West Coast

There’s nothing as relaxing as a beautiful beach vacation.  Whether you’re taking a weekend away or you’re spending a whole month on the shore with your kids, these are the top beach cities you should consider: and why! 

Why People Love Beach Cities

Beach vacations are unlike anything else!  Not only can you take the time to enjoy the gorgeous sun and sand, but you can also play in the water, collect shells, spend time with loved ones, and even learn how to surf!  Most people in the USA don’t live close enough to a beach to go to every weekend, so getting to plan a special trip to one can mean a lot.

These are the best beach cities on the West Coast, and why you should consider making a trip to them soon!

Olympic National Park, Washington

If you want a quiet beach experience, where you can enjoy gorgeous rock formations, and beautiful quieter shorelines, there’s nothing as stunning as Olympic National Park in Washington. Home to dozens of uncrowded beaches that are well cared for because of it being a national park, you’ll fall in love with the full shoreline while you’re here.  

This is the perfect area to settle in with a book and enjoy a long weekend of lounging and taking in the sunlight.

San Diego, California

San Diego is a gorgeous area with countless beaches to enjoy on your vacation.  From the countless fun sights to see to the many different ways you can enjoy the surf and tide, you’ll fall in love with this city in no time.  Although grabbing San Diego apartments for rent can be pricey, it’s worth it to get long access to the most beautiful beaches in the country.

Newport, Oregon

The beaches in Newport will leave you stunned. From fantastic vistas and secluded beaches to public areas that are fantastic for surfing or fishing and clamming.  Just north of Newport is a favorite called Moolack Beach that stuns everyone.  This beautiful patch of sand and sun is one of the most popular areas you’ll find, but you can still find a secluded area to enjoy some sand and shore.  

What to Pack for a Beach Vacation

When packing for a beachy vacation, it’s vital that you think about your skin and hydration before anything else.  The most important things to pack are sunscreen, a water bottle you can refill as much as you want, and at least two swimsuits so that you can let one fully dry before putting it back on.  

Other options depend on whether you’re driving or not!  If you’re driving and don’t have to worry about packing a tiny suitcase for the flight: consider taking a large cooler!  A big cooler will let you pack it with ice and keep drinks and food cold through most of the day.  This gives you the chance to enjoy a long day of fun in the sun while keeping hydrated and fed.

Nothing Hits the Spot Like Sand and Sun

When you’re trying to make the most out of a vacation, nothing is as wonderful as a little sand and sun!  Consider taking a trip to one of these fantastic places somewhere soon!