The Competitive Strategy: Selling a Bike with Patience

Promoting your motorbike may be a challenging prospect, but the truth is it’s easy. Go the procedure to ensure it is a smooth procedure for you.

If you’re looking to buy a new motorcycle, and you have a used one sitting in the garage, you might be tempted to take the used bike to the dealership and sell it directly to them when you purchase a new bike. The problem with selling your motorcycle to a dealership is that you won’t get a fair value. Dealerships are notorious for shortchanging car buyers on their trade ins. If you’re patient and keep a few selling points in mind, you can sell your motorbike for the best turn around and have more money to buy a new bike that will suit your needs.

The best way to start, when selling a used motorcycle, is to list it online. has great national and local traffic, and eBay’s auction style sale also attract a great deal of traffic. Always post photos of the bike in online avenues or you’ll get nearly no interest from buyers.

Remember, private parties will always want to negotiate the listed price, so you should post the bike at a higher price than you hope to sell it for. Usually, a ten percent increase in the desired sale price is the best idea. Determine too, what is the lowest price you’ll take for the bike, and whether you will favor cash sales with discounts. With these details determined ahead of time, car buyers won’t be able to haggle your sale price below your comfort level.

To determine the fair price you hope to earn, research a Blue Book Value for your make, model, mileage and body condition. You may list the bike higher than the Blue Book value, but be sure you’re willing to part with it for somewhat lower than that value, or you won’t be competitive. If you want to maximize the value of your return, you’ll also need to consider the bike’s value as-is versus value after repair.

You may find it is economical to sell the bike as-is if the cost of repair won’t translate into profitable selling margin. However, some mechanical problems may greatly reduce the value of the vehicle, leaving you on the losing side of a sale. As a general rule, fix the bike into running and clean condition, list high, sell low and be patient. The right buyer will come along if you aren’t in a rush to get the motorcycle of your hands.

Finding the proper buyer for your bicycle is an very important step. Traders will negotiate a lesser value for your bicycle, which can be important to remember. But if you’re short on time, selling to a trader might be your very best alternative. The dealer will look after all of the paperwork and statutes that will reduce your psychological burden. In case you’ve got more time, but it’s ideal to approach a purchaser directly as you’ll find a better price on the bicycle.

Organizing Your Records

  • Vehicle’s name which will prove the bicycle’s possession, required for moving the possession officially from the vendor to the purchaser
  • passengers’ license together with dues cleared
  • Revenue agreement that determines all of the terms and conditions of the sale
  • Evaluation drive arrangement, permitting test drive prior to the purchase, so as to protect yourself as the proprietor and to protect the bicycle

Fixing Mechanical Difficulties

All mechanical difficulties with the bike has to be evaluated by a professional mechanic or an authorised service representative, and professionally repaired prior to the purchase is made. Here’s a useful checklist for exactly the same:

To create an impressionable record, ensure that your vehicle looks presentable and has great pictures. The images should be in a variety of angles so that potential customers can find a fantastic evaluation of the automobile from various angles. Contain important details for your purchaser, for example age of the automobile, the make and version, etc., so as to draw prospective customers. It’s helpful to list your motive for the sale along with the purchase price and mention whether it’s negotiable or not. Certainly include your own contact details. Agreeing to some test drive prior to the purchase will guarantee transparency.

Moving Bike Ownership

Be certain you complete all the essential paperwork for bicycle ownership transfer in addition to motorcycle insurance policy transfer as soon as you’ve consented to make the sale. You have to make certain you’re moving the bicycle and its accountability from yourself into the new proprietor.


Be certain you keep these things in mind when purchasing your bike. In that way, you can ensure a decent experience for yourself and for the purchaser, and receive the very best price possible with maximum transparency.