Star Trio Leads Warriors To 6th Nba Finals Spot In 8 Years

Star Trio Leads Warriors To 6th Nba Finals Spot In 8 Years

Klay Thompson made the 3-pointers. Draymond Green was the anchor of the defense and also contributed to the offensive end. Stephen Curry was the MVP.

After advancing to the NBA Finals, the Warriors have a chance to win another title. They are now in the same trio that helped Golden State achieve so much success over the years.

Green stated, “As I have said repeatedly, I’m going not to stop saying it: No one has proved that they can move them off that spot.” This is the mindset that we bring into this thing. We know what it takes for a championship to be won.

As the core of a team that has reached six NBA Finals within eight years, the triumvirate Curry, Thompson, and Green is a rarity in NBA lore. This is a feat only the most elite groups can achieve, with Bill Russell’s Celtics in the 1950s and 1960s, Magic Johnson’s Lakers of the 1980s, and Michael Jordan’s Bulls from the 1990s accomplishing it.

The Warriors are now aiming to add another title to their 2015, 2017, and 2018 titles when they play Miami or Boston in the Finals on June 2. Heading into Game 6, the Celtics hold a 3-2 lead in the series.

Thompson stated, “We are happy to be here. But it would benefit our legacy a lot that we complete the mission and win the whole thing.” We can be happy tonight, and we will, so I’ll celebrate tonight. Tomorrow, when Game 6 begins, I’ll be turning the page. I’m scouting to make sure we finish this thing the right way.

They lost the finals the last time they made it, launching a two-year downward spiral of losing and injuries. Thompson was injured in the season-ending Game 6 of the 2019 NBA Finals.

Kevin Durant injured his Achilles tendon in an earlier series. Durant then moved to Brooklyn, where he was able to finish the NBA’s worst 15-50 season.

Thompson tore his Achilles tendon right before the start of the next season. The Warriors were then unable to return to the playoffs and were defeated by Memphis in the playing game.

Thompson was back in January, and with the addition of an aging trio of stars and a youthful infusion from players such as Andrew Wiggins and Jordan Poole, Golden State is now at the top again.

Curry stated, “We never lost faith, but we understand how difficult it was to climb the mountain again.” Curry said that he believes everyone is extremely proud of his effort to get here. It’s certainly sweet, based on the experiences we had.”

Thompson was the star of the Western Conference finals wins over Dallas. He made eight 3-pointers, a playoff record, and scored 32 points.

Green had 17 points, six boards, and nine assists. Curry was the series MVP with 15 points and nine assists.

This level of play reminds Steve Kerr of the Bulls teams that he played with, Scottie Pippen and Jordan.

Kerr stated that “the common denominator” is talented players who are fierce rivals. It takes a special type of athlete to possess these dynamics, whether you are talking about Scottie, Steph, Draymond, or Klay. Not only do you need to have the skill and athleticism, but also to be extremely competitive and eager to win. You can only run like this if you are not exhausted, tired, frustrated, and get frustrated. It’s impossible to have a that competitive drive and the same skill combination six out of eight times.

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