Selena Gomez Felt “ASHAMED” After One Of Her Album Copies


Selena Gomez has been a top-selling musician and actor for the past decade, but that doesn’t mean she hasn’t had her embarrassing moments.

Amy Schumer sat down for a Hollywood Reporter roundtable with fellow TV comedians Tracee Eli Ross, Bridget Everett, Quinta Brunson, and Molly Shannon. Schumer and Gomez discussed self-esteem as actors during their conversations.

Who moved Gomez to tell the story that she had once second-guessed how much body she displayed on an album cover. Gomez admitted that she did indeed cover an album and was embarrassed by it. “I had to deal with those feelings because Who tied it to something deeper than I was experiencing.”

Gomez was not happy about sharing the cover. She said that she is not a sexual person. “Sometimes I like feeling sexy, but it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s for me.” It could be for me. “I have done my best to be myself.

Gomez also stated to THR that she doesn’t use social media to avoid negative comments and unrealistic body expectations. “You see all these other people [posting these images], and I can’t look that way. She said it was impossible. “I don’t believe it is possible, and when I’m not on it, all else becomes real.”

Gomez has been an advocate for her well-being since childhood. She’s spoken out about her struggle with anxiety and depression and launched Wondermind, a podcast, and website that focuses on mental health.

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