Russia warns Sweden and Finland about joining NATO

Russia warns Sweden and Finland about joining NATO

On Thursday, April 14, Russia stated that Russia would deploy hypersonic missiles and nuclear weapons in an exclave at the heart of Europe if Sweden or Finland joined NATO.

Both Finland and Sweden, which share an 810-mile border between Russia and Finland, are looking into joining the U.S.-led alliance.

Dmitry Medvedev (second chairman of Russia’s Security Council) stated that if Sweden and Finland joined NATO, Russia would need to strengthen its land and naval forces in the Baltic Sea. Russia has its Kaliningrad exclave between Poland and Lithuania.

Medvedev also hoped Finland would make sense of the situation, or else they’d have nuclear weapons and hypersonic rockets right at their doorsteps. He said there could not be any more talk about a “nuclear-free” Baltic.

Imatra is a town near Finland’s Russian border. It houses 26,000 people who are nervous about their eastern neighbor.

Imatra used to welcome Russian tourists. But, since Moscow launched “special military operations” in Ukraine, Imatra is afraid of receiving less friendly visitors.

This concern has led Finland to think about joining NATO. It would be a pivotal step in its security arrangements.

Katri Latt lives in Imatra.

“We have seen Imatra so far as a safe place, and we still believe so, but I believe that the thoughts of people here have changed in the manner that a small fear has now emerged, and Russia, the next country to us, is a little bit different from other countries. You cannot always trust their statements, so people should be ready for the possibility that they might have to leave soon.”

Finland has avoided any disagreements with Russia since its inception. However, Prime Minister Sanna Marina stated Wednesday (April 13) that it is ready to receive all types of responses from Moscow as it weighs NATO membership.

She stated that Who would decide within the next few weeks.

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