Russia test-fires its latest hypersonic Zircon missile

hypersonic Zircon missile

On Saturday, the Russian navy conducted another test of its potential hypersonic missile. This demonstrated the military’s long-range strike capabilities amid fighting in Ukraine.

According to the Defense Ministry, the Admiral Gorshkov frigate from the Northern Fleet in the White Sea launched the Zircon cruise ballistic missile in the Barents Sea. It hit a target in the White Sea at approximately 1,000 km (540 nautical miles).

This launch was the latest in a series testing Zircon. It is expected to enter service later in the year.

Russian President Vladimir Putin stated that Zircon could fly at nine times the speed and travel 1,000 km (620 miles) in one day. Putin stressed that the deployment of Zircon would greatly increase Russia’s military capabilities.

Zircon is designed to arm Russian cruisers and frigates, and submarines. Who can also use it against enemy ships and ground targets? It is one of many hypersonic missiles currently under development in Russia.

Russian officials boasted of Zircon’s capabilities, claiming it is impossible to intercept with anti-missile systems.

Putin has repeatedly warned Western allies not to interfere in Ukraine. He has also warned that Russian warships equipped with Zircon could give Russia the ability to strike “decision-making centres” in minutes if deployed in neutral waters.

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