Polestar’s long-range single motor Polestar 2 will be available in the US

Polestar 2

Following the announcement of its dual-motor variant in the last quarter of 2013, Polestar announced on Wednesday that its 270-mile long-range single motor version of its Polestar 2 electric vehicle is now on sale within the US.

Beginning at $45,900, which is $33,400 with incentives from federal and state governments, Single-motor Polestar 2 is $4,000 less cost than its AWD counterpart ( which starts at $51,200) and offers the added 16 miles of driving range compared to that of the AWD’s 249-mile range. In addition to the number of electric motors attached to their respective axles, both are identical in function.

“All versions that come with Polestar 2 Polestar 2 exude the brand’s technological innovation and leadership with features like the Google infotainment system, premium environmentally sustainable materials, and unbeatable contemporary designs,” Gregor Hembrough, Director of Polestar North America, said in a press release.

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The $4,000 for the creature-comfort “Plus” upgrade and the 3200 dollars “Pilot” sensor and safety package are also offered with either powertrain configuration.

Anyone who wants to stick it to the local petrochemical company can schedule a test ride through the Polestar 2 configurator website or in one of the physical retail stores in major cities across the US.

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