Missing Teeth? The Successful Tooth Replacement Options

The buccal cavity in the human body is unique from the rest of the body. There are a number of issues that might happen quite easily in this cavity and may give rise to pain. One of them is the problem of missing teeth or teeth, from a single location in the mouth. If you need some ideas on the treatments that you can use as a substitute to replace the missing ones, here are some options to help you.

Dental implants

This one is a permanent option that helps in case you have to get one tooth or a bunch of teeth replaced in a single place. You can go for it if you think you need a permanent solution. The plus point of that option is that you can get it done for a lifetime, and you do not have to worry about the artificial looks of the mouth.

These implants would look real and serve the function of the real ones. However, this takes much more time than you think would be required for other ones.

Implant-supported bridge

This process is a little less reliable in terms of the holding capacity. Also, the timing for the completion of this process is long. Apart from this, there might be some unnecessary things happening in this process. However, the disadvantage is that strength is confined to the teeth, which are bound at the corners.

You cannot expect any kind of safety for the teeth lying in the middle row as they do not have any screw fitted to hold them. Also, this process is better for multiple teeth that need to be planted in a single row in the mouth.

Removable partial dentures

This one option is almost similar to the dental implants process. In this process, the doctor suggests the replacement for only the missing teeth and not the entire row. The advantage of this technique is that teeth are held strongly in the mouth, without the headache for the holding of teeth inside the mouth. However, it is important to take care of some things that your doctor would advise you to do. This option is also a good dental treatment and replacement option if you need strength and holding capacity advantage in any of the above mentioned treatments.

Tooth supported bridges

In this method, they do not take the help of any implant. Rather, they take the help or support of an existing tooth and fit the next one with the help of it. This prevents the risk of loss of teeth getting loosened as they fix the crown on the missing spots. The next spot is cemented to make sure that there is no absence of stretch to hold the teeth. It is, however, important to know some important things about this surgery. Also, there would be a number of sessions to decide the need or urgency of this option.


These are the options to bring some flexibility in the teeth. If you take this one, then you would have to know about the temporary nature of this implant. The temporary nature of this denture comes with an added advantage of flexibility, that allows it to get flipped in and out. That is why most of the old and aged people make use of this option to eat when their natural teeth start falling and they are not able to eat solid food. Thus, this can be said as one of the best options for senior citizens for comfortable eating.

Ask your dentist

If you are able to decide the best option for yourself, then it is good. However, if some factors are creating hindrances in the decision-making about the best treatment, then all you need to do is to consult your dentist. With the help and advice of the dentist, you would be able to land on the best treatment for your teeth. Also, they would take a  tour of the dental health before carrying out any treatment on them. This would help in avoiding some complications that would arise from the wrong treatments as well as their effects on the teeth and dental health.


The treatment options mentioned above have made the lives of many people easier. Many people have gotten rid of the issue of missing teeth, with the help of the option mentioned above. You may also take the advantage of anyone to regain the confidence and ease of your buccal cavity, without any risk of many complications.

 Contact the best dentist in Dubai to get rid of all the issues existing in your mouth and give rise to the instances of pain. You can get a lot of facilities from a good diagnosis to everything that you expect from experts to care for your teeth.