Meet Rhode, Hailey Bieber’s Minimalist Beauty Brand


It’s the Rhode world, and we all live in it.

She’s already seeing the big picture. Hailey Bieber launched her beauty line, Rhode, on its website on June 15. It offers a minimalistic assortment of five stock-keeping units and a limited selection of products.

Bieber stated that Rhode was his vision from the beginning. “I view Rhode as more than just a beauty label; I see it as a platform.”

Bieber’s brand launch will include a serum, moisturizer, and three lip balms. Future product drops are planned to expand the range.

The products were priced below $30 and are vegan, cruelty-free, gluten-free, and vegan. Bieber created the range to be simple and practical. My philosophy and ethos are to make one good of everything. It’s the staple product that you will keep coming back to. She also stated that this is my philosophy for curating my wardrobe. The perfect pair of jeans and one great T are my key pieces.

She knew her limitations, even though her vision was clear for Rhode. She said, “I have a vision, ideas, and creativity, but I am not a chemist nor a dermatologist.” “The team has done an amazing job dealing with my crazy midnight text messages.”

Rhode appointed Ron Robinson, the founder and chief executive of BeautyStat as its cosmetic chemist in residency. Dr. Dhaval Bhanusali is the brand’s resident dermatologist.

Both were involved in product formulation. Bieber stated that the formulas were priced at $100 when they were being developed. But, that is exactly what we are trying to avoid. “Expensive skin-care formulas should not be prohibitive.”

Although she may be unable to navigate a laboratory, Bieber was very involved in the process. She said, “During the pandemic, I dug into the products and ingredients and learned why they worked so well.” It wouldn’t make sense if Who said that I was launching with 14 eyeliners. These are products that I use every day, so it’s not for me.

Keeping this in mind, however, the brand’s expansion isn’t restricted to certain categories. She said that if she went the route of any color, it would look like a tinted lipstick. However, adding hair care might be a good idea. “I wanted a brand that could embrace my aesthetic and love of the ingredients and make it accessible to everyone.

This aesthetic has defined every aspect of brand building, from the packaging and marketing to its matte gray packaging. “Formula efficacy should be the number one thing. After that, it’s all about the vibe, aesthetic, packaging, and the bottles. She said it’s very well-curated, edited, minimal, and stripped down.

The brand doesn’t follow the same aggressive go-to-market strategies as other celebrity brands. Kim Kardashian, the new brand Skin by Kim, was launched on June 1 with nine stock-keeping units. Lady Gaga’s Haus Labs had relaunched earlier with plans for more than 100 SKUs in 2022. Although she has partnered with Sephora in the past, Bieber is keen to have her vision and customer before considering retail partnerships.

“I spoke with a retailer early in my career and didn’t want to be told what to do with the vision. I have lent my name to many brands and enjoyed that experience. I intend to continue doing so. This is my baby, and I don’t want anyone telling me what to do. She said that she wanted to retain as much creative control as possible.

Bieber admitted that the route was difficult, but she wanted to be there and take the brand from scratch. She said, “I chose to go the ground-up route.” “I am the majority owner of the brand and have invested most of the money in this brand. I don’t see any reason to make a profit. These products are proof of that.

The brand’s communication strategy includes YouTube-oriented content and Bieber’s Channel. This channel launched in 2020.

“We adopted a TV-quality approach to YouTube to allow her to showcase her personality,” stated Michael D. Ratner (founder, president, and chief executive of OBB Media). The beauty of how we approach it is that there is no planning. The YouTube channel will not magically transform into the Rhode YouTube channel.

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