Looking For Good Cables? Flexible Cable Manufacturers Can Assist

Flexible cables as the name suggest offers the maximum amount of flexibility. The cables were at the beginning used only in automated systems but has been gradually used in various other domains, like in cable carriers.Flexible cable wires at present are used for various activities like machine tools, appliances, control panels, plant and machinery and real estate.

So why use flexible cables? Because

  • Insulation- Flexible cables are layered with PVC compounds and hence considered best for insulation. Often cable wires are exposed to an environment of high levels of oxygen and temperature and hence must be fire retardant.
  • Durable- This is another important reason why flexible cables are preferred across industries. These cables are impervious to water, oil, petrol, acids and greases and hence can operate for longer time. Neutrality of the above mentioned components mean these cables are anti-corrosive. As per historical data, flexible cables can perform for as much as 1 to 3 million cycles.
  • Low Maintenance- The flexible cable manufacturers can provide you with cable wireswhich can undertake large amount of physical stress. The flexible cables can manage tight bending radii. This reduces the probability of the flexible cables to break under high pressure, leading to less need of repair and replacement.
  • Environment Friendly- The flexible cable manufacturers provide you with cables which emit low smoke even if a fire breaks out. This means employees or people present during the mishap do not suffer from respiratory challenges.
  • Economical- Flexible cables are featured with high purity and conductivity which lead to less usage of electricity. The high current rating of flexible cables is hence beneficial for industries to cut on their electricity bills without compromising on the quality of service.

Submersible Flat Cable India can provide you with different kinds of wires which can suit your specific requirements. Some of the most used flexible cable wires are

  • Single core flexible cable wires- This kind of flexible cable wires are made from insulated copper conductors and hence are able to transmit high amount of heat, as much as 1100 volts. Flexible cable manufacturers suggest use of this kind of wires in appliances which consist of wired panels and high ambient heat flows.
  • Multi core flexible cable wires- These flexible cables come with a compact structure and are light weight. These rugged pieces of wires are considered best for industrial use due to the high levels of insulation offered by this kind of cables.
  • Braided flexible cables- Bundled or braided flexible cables are constructed in such a manner that the cables become stiffer and durable for applications which are in need of continuous flexibility.
  • Stranded flexible cables- These flexible cables are more in demand as they cost really lesser than the braided cable wires. The cores of this kind of cable are wrapped with foil or fleece.

The flexible cable manufacturers have come up with multi coloured cables to easily differentiate as per the function for which these are made.

While there are several flexible cable manufacturers in India who can provide you with this kind of cables, choose one which meets the following requirements-

  • Made from superior quality copper.
  • Are compliant with international quality standards.
  • Sheathed with a special PVC compound so that the flexible cables are capable to withstand mechanical abrasion.
  • Can be customised to suit the unique requirements of the production process.

So get the best flexible cable wires today from the top flexible cable manufacturers and make your production process more efficient, economical and hassle free.