Lightroom Now Allows You To Edit Video


Adobe’s photo editor Lightroom is getting a new feature that allows you to edit video.

Lightroom users will soon be able to use the existing controls in Lightroom to color grade their videos, with an update rolling out this week. Lightroom’s rules make it easier to adjust how an image looks, according to my experience. This is combined with the familiarity with the controls. Anyone wishing to alter a video’s look should find this feature a powerful tool.

Lightroom isn’t transforming into an app for video editing. It can import videos but not edit them. You can color grade footage or trim down clips’ beginning and ends with the new tools. You can’t organize clips into a timeline. If you want to color-grade a scene from a movie, you must go shot by shot and make adjustments as you go. This is more for photographers who capture short clips while on the shoot.

Lightroom will offer video editing on desktop and mobile. Lightroom Classic won’t have the video editing feature, as it already supports limited video editing. You could trim videos and use basic tone controls from Lightroom Classic, but you couldn’t access the full Develop panel like in the newer Lightroom.

Lightroom Classic and Lightroom Lightroom are receiving a few other updates. These include an intensity slider that allows you to adjust the effects and new “adaptive presets,” filters that use AI to apply effects to certain parts of an image like the sky or subject.

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