Jordan Poole March is the best month for third-year guards

Jordan Poole

Jordan Poole wasn’t fazed when Chris Paul tried chirping him on Wednesday against the Phoenix Suns.

When CP3 entered his ears, Poole had already found his groove and had locked it.

“It was a little bit too late if he was trying to get me going,” Poole stated in the Chase Center after the loss, 107-103. “I feel like I was already going a little bit.”

Just a tiny bit.

Poole has energized the Warrior’s offensive game after the Suns took a quick lead of 12-2 with fifteen points within the opening quarter. He also helped the team recover after an eleven-point loss.

In the end, He scored an all-time high of 38 points which was a record-setting high which Who set in May. He also racked up a record-setting nine rebounds and handed seven assists.

The experience of playing with Poole Wednesday provided Draymond Green with a feeling of nostalgia. Green passed to a cutting Poole at the beginning of quarter one and then set up a screen before the third-year guard threw down an attack of three.

“It felt so normal, like clockwork,” Green stated. “The reality is, I believe that he’s still trying to learn. He’s trying to make the game more enjoyable for himself. We all know, and all the world is aware, that he can score the basketball. He’s able to hit every shot he desires…

“Get away from the ball and move on until the ball can locate you again. He’s improving at it, and then you see that he’s moving even without the ball, and at some point, you’ll add Steph Curry’s movements back without the ball, and it’s hazardous. So therefore, I considered it an important step in the right direction.”

Poole has attracted the entire league’s attention in March, which is his most impressive ever. The skilled scorer has averaged 24.6 scores, 4.8 assists, and 3.5 rebounds in 15 games and 10 games in March. He’s shooting 49.4 percent in total, 44.1% from three-point distance, and 89.8 percent at the stripe.

In Wednesday’s match, Poole, leading the league with three-pointers this month (67), was prosperous seven of his 15 attempts made from three.

Wednesday marked the 15th consecutive game where he’s scored at least 20 points, making him one of 10 Warrior to enjoy an uninterrupted streak of 20 points or more of this length.

In reaction to Poole’s breakout month, players have begun to throw two defensive players at him to hinder his offensive output. However, he’s found ways to make an impact on the game.

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“He’s right there with all the top scorers in the league, case in point; they’re all hard to stop because they do it in so many ways; at the rim, from mid-range, form three, body movement,” Suns coach Monty Williams said before the game. “The hardest part of Jordan is learning to play as Steph. He is aware that when Draymond is in the upper reaches, and he’s right next to him, and he’s close, it’s either a quick [dribble handoff or quick pass or screening… The company knowledge he’s gained from this program has enabled him to become a more effective player.”

Green claimed that Paul was arguing with Poole was a “beautiful sign.”

“That means they know about you; you got them on alert,” Green declared. “Because if you didn’t, he would not be speaking to you. It’s a great sign, and he did not back down, which is amazing to witness.”

Poole, an ex- G League role player, has not yet played in an NBA postseason. However, Poole believes that his meeting on Wednesday night with Paul was reminiscent of a playoff environment.

“You can’t back down from anything,” Poole stated. “It’s an extremely great team there, and they have talented players. We’re ready to take on the challenge every time. If someone has something to say, I’ll probably respond.”

Or let his games speak for himself, just like he’s done for the past month.

“I feel good right now,” he declared. “Every shot I’m making, I’ve repeatedly taken at practice and repeatedly. I’ve been running the same scenes; we’ve run the same play since the start of this season. So you’re getting into the rhythm. It’s an extended season. In my own life, being able to make a difference currently feels good. However, we need to beat the competition to be real.”

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