How to Conserve Electricity at Home by Smart Power Strip?

A smart power strip is a wise investment for both your electrical safety and the longevity of your electrical devices and your budget. Smart power strips can detect when your device is in standby mode. It then cuts off the power saving of your electricity, while at the same time conserving the lifespan of the device itself. These handy electrical devices are becoming a must-have in today’s society, where utility bills are always on the rise. One of the best things about smart power strips is that they cost about the same as a regular power strip. Let’s take a close look at how they can help you conserve electricity at home.

Avoiding standby power consumption

Standby power consumption can reach as high as 5% of your total daily power. It can even be higher if you run high-wattage equipment found in many home workshops and other scenarios where commercial or industrial equipment is present in a home environment. When one switches off many electrical appliances, they continue to draw power for as long as they are connected to the outlet. While not all devices feature this form of standby power, far too many do. A smart power strip stops this drain on your electricity in its tracks.

Smart power strip types

Depending on the exact type of power strip, it’ll either automatically turn off your outlet at a pre-set schedule, running on a digital or dial timer. Alternatively, better quality power strips look for signs of power activity and automatically switch off outlets if there is no usage detected. Motion detection smart power strips look for motion in the room, similar to a CCTV camera, switching off the supply when dormant. Specific strips give you remote switching functionality, letting you turn your outlets on or off remotely but manually. Master-controlled power strips switch off automatically when the primary device like the computer or TV turns off. Be on the lookout for different design styles too. A right-angle power strip is convenient for fitting neatly behind an entertainment unit, desk, or other large objects.

Smart power strip features

The cost of each smart power strip will largely depend on its features. Not every home needs automation control, and everyone’s exact number of outlets necessary will vary. However, here are the primary power strip features that you should consider.

Multiple plug outlets

Every good power strip should have at least six outlets. Eight to twelve is even better, but six should be the bare minimum.


Power strips with wi-fi are in high demand by most smart homes. There’s no convenient way to control the timer function of a power strip.

Slimline design

While not essential, a slimline design does make storing your power strip away much more manageable. Ideally, you’re looking for something compact and neat. Additionally, try to find a right angle power strip for excellent versatility in terms of placement and accessibility

USB ports

Most leading smart power strips will give you plug outlets and USB ports. Two should be seen as the minimum, while most strips should offer four. These detect when the device is in standby mode, cutting power in the same way as it would to a plug.

Surge protection

The best smart power strips will feature surge protection, although this escalates the price considerably. If you’re considering a feature-packed cutting-edge smart power strip with proper surge protection, weigh the cost against a UPS. You’ll typically find that this handy piece of technology rakes up massive savings in this department despite, at times, doubling the cost of an entry-level smart power strip.

Smart connectivity

An excellent smart power strip will integrate into your smart home, offering a supreme degree of control. Look for integration with Alexa, Google, and IFTTT. This guarantees that no matter how simple or complex your setup may be, your smart power strip won’t need to be replaced, operating perfectly with existing automation.

Water & dust resistance

Excellent build quality should prevail throughout the whole of your power strip’s design. This includes a reasonable degree of water and dust resistance and a design that’s easy to clean. Look for additional features such as lights to indicate that each plug is on, and individual plug connector. It all goes a long way when you consider that you’ll be using your smart power strip for years.

Power strip affordability

There’s barely ever a reason to use a standard power strip over a smart power strip instead. If you cut away all the bells and whistles, purchasing the most basic unit that you can, you’ll find that the prices are the same as non-sensing strips. Perhaps limit the higher-end smart power strips to areas where you directly need the additional control. If your strip doesn’t hook up to Alexa, then it may be perfect for the kitchen, storeroom, pantry, or another area where you don’t want to self-regulate the electricity.

Fit them everywhere for the most significant savings

For the best results, fit a power strip at any place that you’d conventionally use a standard power cord. Smart power strips throughout the home and office guarantee that all your standby devices never draw any unnecessary electricity. They’re also granting you surge protection, and the highest degree of safety. If you opt to fit a high-end smart power strip, you’ve also got something that fits in an intelligent home perfectly without ever needing to spend extra money to replace something as necessary as this standard piece of electrical equipment.

Power strips – efficient & effective

There are very few of us that unplug all of our appliances when they’re not in use. This habit leads to phantom power consumption. The best way to stop this is to fit a smart power strip at each outlet. A right-angle power strip can be hidden away easily while remaining easy to access for cleaning, which makes it one of the handiest designs. While you’ll most likely end up saving a few dollars a month, this will translate to hundreds over the next few years. An excellent smart power strip is a device that will most likely last you for up to twenty years or more. The more electronics and appliances you have running, the more vital it is to install good quality smart power strips. With the right configuration, you’ll end up reaping massive savings over time.