Health Benefits of Tisanes

The creation of tea begins with one plant—the Camellia Sinensis. The leaves of this plant make up what you refer to as black or green tea, among others. Tisanes are different—they’re made in the same way as tea, but include many different ingredients. The term “tisane” actually just describes herbal tea.

Tisanes offer a vast amount of health benefits due to the flexibility in their creation. While tea is made from one ingredient, you can pick and choose what to use in your tisane according to your particular needs. Most grocery stores sell premade herbal teas or tisanes. However, understanding tisanes can help you to become incredibly creative in the kitchen. You can use herbs, fruits, and other household ingredients to create a healthy tisane at a massively reduced price.

Bedroom benefits

For the movie buff, the film “Le Divorce” first introduced the curious benefits of tisanes into American mainstream culture. Actors Naomi Watts and Kate Hudson highlight one of the most unique properties of a tisane. The film claims that when created according to the French recipe, tisanes can change the way your bodily fluids smell and taste.

Although it might be a bit taboo to mention in public, using tisanes in this way could provide the perfect opportunity to spice things up when needed! Most tisanes actually start with a base of some type of herbal tea, such as chamomile and mint. You can just dry mint leaves from your backyard and boil them in water for the same effect. Other ingredients like fruit flavors are then added to create a more complex, enjoyable and beneficial drink. The Perfume Shrine Blog suggests: “Just peel a ripe orange, boil the rind with some mint leaves (or a mint teabag) and a rosehips tea bag and you’re good to go!” The same blog also suggests that this tisane has other sexual benefits, as it may promote hormone balance and the mint makes you relax.

Work around your current mood

You don’t have to feel happy or sad to make a tisane. You can simply reflect on how you are feeling in the present moment and decide what you need from there. If you want to stay relaxed, then include ingredients that promote relaxation, like chamomile or even lavender. If you want to snap out of your unhappy mood, then try things that lift the spirits, like citrus (not including grapefruit). The smell of the steeping tisane as well can also provide you with any aromatherapy you need at the time.

Herbal teas are known as caffeine-free for a reason—specifically, they are not made out of tea leaves that contain caffeine. When you eliminate caffeine from your tisane, you can enjoy mixing different ingredients without the added inconvenience of sleep disturbances or anxiety. If you are one of those people who can’t live without caffeine, then take a look into the newest craze in caffeinated beverages—Yerba mate, which can be added to your tisanes as a caffeine additive.

Take your daily vitamins the fun way

Many people find that the absorption of a daily vitamin into their system is essential to their health. For those who work long hours, maintaining the FDA’s recommended daily dose of vitamins and minerals through food may seem impossible. If you do not have enough time for a long lunch, take a tisane to work. You can receive high dosages of vitamin C from things like orange peel, and even absorb the sought-out vitamin K. Do not worry if you know you have a hectic meeting or presentation at work the next day. Simply set aside time the night before to steep ingredients that you know will relax you and also help maintain productivity.