Health Benefits of Palmyra Palm Fruit

Palmyra Palm Fruit

The Asian Palmyra palm also known as sugar palm tree or the toddy palm is healthy and nutritious black fruit like the coconut. It belongs to the Borassus family and is quite good for health.

Health Benefits of Palmyra Palm Fruit

The palm fruit contains edible jelly inside the black outer covering. This jelly is sweet and healthy. The water of the palm fruit tree is very sweet and refreshing. Health benefits of Palmyra palm fruit are given below-

  1. The water of the palm fruit cools the body naturally and hence is good to drink during the summers.
  2. It gives instant refreshment after drinking the water because it contains vitamin C and B-complex.
  3. The Asian Palmyra contains vitamin A which is good for eyesight.
  4. The fruit is nutritious because it contains nutrients like zinc, iron, potassium and calcium.
  5. It has anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.
  6. It prevents vomiting, nausea and has been used medicinal in the treatment of worm infestation too.
  7. The fruit pulp has been used to cure many inflammatory skin conditions.
  8. The sap collected from the palm tree is used as a laxative and a tonic. It is used for treating liver problems and ulcers.
  9. The sap is also known to improve digestion, appetite and is good for health.
  10. The palm fruit sap is also known to cure anemia.

The sap collected from the palm tree should be consumed fresh because after some time it becomes fermented and results in an alcoholic drink. Health benefits of the Palmyra palm fruit shows that it can be drank daily.

During my hectic travel journeys I prefer to drink the Palmyra palm juice to get instant relief from heat and feel energetic. Even a small cup of the juice makes you feel refreshing and healthy.

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