Georgia Gun Range Owners and their Grandson Killed in Robbery

Georgia Gun Range Owners

Georgia’s gun range owner, his wife, and their 19-year old grandson were killed in a robbery at the facility on Friday.

Grantville Police reported that Who had taken 40 guns and a security camera recorder from Lock, Stock, and Barrel, located about an hour southwest of Atlanta.

According to cops, the FBI of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms was contacted by the police because of the theft of many weapons.

Grantville police said that anyone who drove by the shooting range between 530pm and 630pm and saw vehicles other than a Ford dually truck or a Ford expedition vehicle is asked to contact the police department.

Thomas Richard Hawk Sr, 71, owned the range. Luke, his grandson, returned from college for a break and helped his grandparents, 11 Alive reported.

After nobody had returned home on Friday night, Luke’s father went to the range and discovered that there was a triple murder.

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