Full Pink Moon to Rise Easter Weekend 2022

Full Pink Moon

Do you not just love the nights when the moon is bright, large, and full of light? Every time I see it, I gasp in awe.

You might have the same reaction if you look at the night sky this weekend.

This Easter weekend, the Pink Full Moon will shine bright! PennLive.com says it will peak at 2:57 p.m Saturday, April 16, but it will remain visible throughout the weekend.

You may be thinking, “Really? “The moon will be PINK!” Sorry to burst your bubble. The moon will not be pink. It would be beautiful, though. This name refers to pink flowers blooming around April like the Phlox subulata, called creeping Phlox.

This will mark the beginning of Spring with the first full moon. There will then be 8 more full Moons in the year. According to Farmers Almanac, the next one will occur during a lunar eclipse.

  • May 16: Flower Moon
  • June 14: Strawberry moon
  • July 13: Buck moon
  • August 11: Sturgeon moon
  • September 10: Harvest moon
  • October 9: Hunters’ moon
  • November 8: Beaver Moon
  • December 7: Cold Moon

Perhaps you will want to go on a romantic, moonlit date with your partner one of these days. Even if it’s not, nothing can remind you how beautiful the full moon is!

You may have noticed the Pink Moon in this weekend’s sky. Your phone might not be able to take good pictures, but we would love to see photos!

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