Foods That Have Made These States Famous

Indian states are the perfect example of unity in diversity. Each of them has their own language, style of wearing clothes, culture and heritage. But, what makes them unique is the food. A simple rice is made in different way in different part of India. While the smoked rice is the delicacy of the north-east India, you can relish the best curd rice at the south Indian states. And you can feel this difference the best when you travel by train. Actually, once you reach at stations, you can get to taste the local cuisine a bit.

There are vendors, who provide food delivery in train, sell such unique items in the platforms and also inside the train. For example, if you are crossing Uttar Pradesh, you can buy petha from the vendors. Today, you will get to know about different types of delicacies that have made each state different than the other. Read on to know more-

1. Makke Ki Roti and SarsonKaSaag

Once you utter these words, you get the glimpse of Punjab. This is the staple food of that state. And once you have it there, you won’t forget it ever. Apart from that, you can also have rajma chawl, butter chicken, Fish Amritsari, etc. over there.

2. Dhokla

Their foods may sound like bombs, but they taste great. Another interesting fact about Gujarati cuisine is that those are quite health-friendly. That means, if you have dhokla, that is so fluffy and light that you won’t feel that you have eaten anything. You can also try thepla, dhansak, khandvi, etc. while you are in Gujarat.

3. Ilish-Bhapa

This magical cuisine comes from Bengal’s kitchen. Now, it is quite difficult to pick just one recipe from the state of foodies. Still, this preparation of Hilsa fish is something out of the world. And when you are in Bengal, you can’t miss the special preparation of mutton. Finally, it is the dessert that makes the state the sweet capital of the country.

4. Biryani

Yes, we are talking about Andhra Pradesh aka Hyderabad. The ‘Nawabi’ style biryani is famous here that enlivens your taste bud to have some more and more. It is really difficult to find one person who doesn’t like biryani. Besides this, you can also try korikoora, Mirchisalan, ghonghura pickle, etc. in Hyderabad.

5. Masor Tenga

If you want to have a completely different type of cuisine that have maintained the taste and recipe from the ancient time, you have to move towards the north-east. Reach Assam to have this dish. It is actually a sour fish curry, cooked with lots of spices and herbs. The aroma gives you will definitely bring water in your mouth.

6. Litti Chokha

Talking about Indian cuisines, and not having a glimpse of Bihar, won’t be right. And Bihar means littichokha. These stuffed balls, served with chutney are really awesome. To have the best of it, add ghee to it.

It is really difficult to bring out the best cuisine as each state has its own style. Also, it is tricky to cover the best cuisines of all 28 states. If you are a traveler you can get the authentic taste of the dishes.