Foods That Can Treat Insect Bites

When attacked by insects, depending on the extent of injury will have different treatment. However, if you have early intervention, you will limit the adverse events which can affect to your health. Therefore, the post will introduce the simple and effective ways to treat insect bites by popular foods and fruits around you.

In most cases insect bites, usually only mild reactions such as itching pain, red swelling and will self-heal for several hours without leaving squeal. However, there are severely bitten which have a diffuse reaction with a reddening halo, itching and soreness, needing to clean the area of bites, colds and so on. Therefore, when biting by insect, you should pay attention to stinger. If the stinger is still in your skin, it should be gently removed by tweezers plucked, nails and etc.

You should remember that you do not leave the stinger in the skin because it will secrete more toxins. If insects are clinging, they can be used with an incense stick or a cigarette burning close to them. You can also use alcohol, gasoline, hot oil to drop a small drop into them.

In addition to local reactions, some people may be allergic to the body such as lips, eyes, urticarial, bronchospasm and fever. These reactions must be treated in the hospital. If left over 6 hours after being bitten, the risk of infection is very high, especially for the elderly and immunocompromised people.

Furthermore, besides western medicine, some traditional remedies can be used, especially in the case of forest accidents or distant housing facilities, prompt medical treatment with medicines around the house is a choice should be preferred. Here are some remedies for some emergencies, which have been proven to be effective and safe.

Bee sting

First, you have to remove beeswax, and then take fresh mint leaves, crushed and rubbed or take the leaves, rope, root cuttings lime and puree. It is also possible to use betel lime or pink pearls puree, embalmed, cut slice of raspberry root or take the freshly washed vegetables, puree and embellish. If it is bees or boiled brown, you can use the urine of healthy boys wash the bite, then use onions, shallots, garlic, lemongrass, crushed roots and squeeze juice to mix with white wine to drink.

Ant bites

For ant bites, you can apply mint leaves, puree, and embellish. Another way, you can use lemon basil leaves washed, crushed and add a little salt, put on the wound.

Centipede bite

You can use garlic pounded and embalmed on the bite. Furthermore, you can use vegetable salad to clean, crush and embalm. You can also take a small pinch of sesame seeds to embalm.

Mosquitoes bite

If your baby is bitten by mosquitoes, you can treat the mosquito bite with only the oatmeal. If the mosquito bite normally lasts for a few days or even a week or more, the mother may cut the healing time for the baby by at least 3 days by simply letting her soak in bath containing 20 ounce oatmeal. The cause is that oatmeal is rich in avenanthramides. It is a natural plant substance that helps reduce redness and itchiness. Therefore, her mother can dissolve some oatmeal in the bath and soak for younger or more simply grind a cup of oatmeal and stir it into a warm bath.

Insect bites

Not surprisingly, onions are also considered as a simple remedy to reduce swelling, bleeding and itching. It is the reason why you may ejaculate a few slices of fresh onion or crushed to seal the mosquito bites or insects bite the baby. Furthermore, you should leave your hands for at least an hour and repeat daily until the bite is less painful and red.

In addition, onion is considered as the effective remedy for skin diseases because the onion contains more quercetin, kaempferol and sulfur. These natural compounds help kill bacteria that cause infections, speed up the formation of new healthy skin cells and help prevent bleeding and inflammation.

Hope that these ways above will help you have more and useful information for treating bites of insects. However, you should check out and learn more about the way to prevent insects in your house.