Financing Stage For Your Business: 3 Ways To Acquire Assets For Your Business

Stages In Financing A Startup Business

The most crucial factor to consider before choosing any business to start is its finance. Whether you are starting a new business or expanding your small furniture business, you need assets. From small furniture like 1 door wardrobe and single beds to large size, furniture manufacturing requires money.

There are three financing stages for a new business, and for every step, your financial requirement is different. It is essential to be careful about funding the initial stage because spending money on a startup is riskier than a mature company. So it is necessary to understand the characteristics of each three financial phases that come during any business.

Early-Stage Financing

Early-stage entrepreneurs need a small amount to start their setup, like finding property for starting their business, hiring employees, obtaining the license, and finalizing their marketing relationships along the business supply chain. This stage is crucial, so spending money here should be systematic until the business grows and becomes profitable.

Expansion Stage Financing

When a business starts growing and earning some profit, then it’s time to expand it. This expansion stage financing will support the industry to enlarge and help produce or ship products and earn a reasonable profit.

The furniture company specializing in producing one door wardrobes needs to expand its growth and offer a wide range of wardrobes in color, size, and design. If the company makes enough profit during the start, financing will increase the sales volume and support further business expansion.

Bridge Financing

This financing is vital because it works as a bridge for your business. There is a time gap between spending on your business and generating profit.

But between the time of expenditure and earning back needs a support fund to stand in the market. All companies need this support at any stage, and commercial banks efficiently provide these loans.

3 Ways To Acquire Assets For Your Business


Money or finance is the bloodline for starting and running any business. All entrepreneurs ask the same question while starting their business, how do I finance my startup? The answer is to help yourself. First and the best way of financing a business is self-financing or bootstrapping.

Use your saving or ask your family and friends to help you. It is an easy and successful way of getting money also needs no or fewer formalities, but this method is best for those startups which require less money.

It makes you committed to your business and is beneficial for the later stages. For those businesses which need large amounts, bootstrapping is not ideal.

Government Grants And Loans

If you have a detailed project description and plan of your business, you can also apply for government grants. It is not easy to get donations for new business, but still, people do get it. There are different grant programs like federal grants, local or state government grant programs, private organizations.

These grant programs are made for a few specific types of business and provide a fixed amount; for example, there are grant programs for women and youngsters’ entrepreneurs. There’s a tough competition to get this grant, so if you get them, write a detailed proposal of your business that you deserve.

If you are successful in documenting the most compelling plea, you might get financial support. Remember, grant programs offer a small amount of money to support your stand in the competition. The rest will be your planning and hard work. So if you need a significant amount, then go for loans from banks.

Banks will give you loans if you are running a business with profit. Many government programs provide small loans to entrepreneurs with very small interests to grow their businesses.


If you are not interested in going for loans or banks do not provide you with loans, crowdfunding is the best option. It is the new way of financing funds for a new startup. Kickstarter, Gofundme are the popular fundraising platforms that help your new business to grow.

Gofundme is a competitive place to raise funds, and only those businesses earn the attention of consumers who have an accurate description of their business to show online. People will donate funds here if they like the ideas of your business. This fundraising is also helpful in generating the interest of the consumer and marketing your products.

Kickstarter is another good option to get funds. You can run your campaign here with a compelling pitch. But it is a place where you must need to reach your funding goals because only after getting your funding goals will the platform release your funds.


Startups for all businesses need enough financial resources to grow quickly. This stage comes in the life of entrepreneurship many times when they need to go for a loan to expand the business, but before asking for the loan, you should know precisely how much money would be enough for you.

It is crucial to decide the exact amount to start a small business to earn some profit. Some loans or funds can be useful at this stage to support your business. However, it would help if you decided wisely where and how the funds should be used.

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