Explore About Things To Do in Key West

Do you want to enjoy the sunset on the beach with a cocktail in your hand under a palm tree? Or explore amazing bars and the unique taste of alcohol? Well, Key West is your ideal destination. This place has everything you need from beautiful beaches to a variety of bars and restaurants and mouth-watering food. Did we forget to mention that Key West is an island that means you will get to do water sport activities like snorkelling, surfing. To discover more about what things to do in Key West then keep on reading. 

Key West is an island in the Straits of Florida, located at the southernmost part of the U.S state of Florida. Along with separate groups of islands like Dredgers Key, Fleming Key, Sunset key and the northern part of Stock island comprises Key West.   The geographical location of the Florida Straits gives the island its tropical touch.Being on the edge of the United States, you can conveniently travel to Key West with Delta Airlines. You can enjoy your trip to Key West to the fullest with cheap flights. 

Things To Do In Key West 

1. Watch Sunset at Mallory Square

Mallory Square is the heart of West Key. Every evening people gather on the square to watch the legendary sunset. Witnessing the amazing sunset with a drink in hand is definitely one of the best things to do in Key West. Mallory square is a performing stage for many street artists which adds to the festive atmosphere. 

 2. Bar Hopping In Duval Street

Are you a fan of refreshing alcohols, mind blowing cocktails with live music? Then you got to explore Duval Street. This street is filled with famous bars like Sloppy Joe’s established in 1933. Joe’s is the town favourite for the amazing draught beer and live shows that entertains the crowd throughout the night. 

You can also visit the Rum Bar to taste a variety of Rum accompanied with Garbo’s Grill, a food truck that serves tacos and burritos. Exploring other popular spots in Duval street is definitely among the fun things to do in Key West for couples on honeymoon. 

3. Visit the Key West Butterfly and Nature Conservatory

Butterfly enthusiast or nature lover? You definitely can not miss this place. With over 50 species of butterflies and exquisite tropical plants, once you visit this place, you will feel the giddy feelings like butterflies in your stomach, quite literally. Key West is also home to many bird species including flamingos. Don’t miss to greet Scarlett and Rhett, a couple of two lovely flamingos. They are the permanent members of KeyWest Nature conservatory. You can surely include this beautiful place in your list of things to do in Key West with your kids.

4. Home to the Third Largest Barrier Reef in the World.

Key West is an island that is just 90 miles away from Cuba. Due to its location in the Atlantic sea and Gulf of Mexico, Key West harbours the third largest barrier reef in the world. It is just seven short miles from offshore. You can utilise this opportunity to do snorkelling in the water and witness an abundance of different species of fishes and marine life. The thriving marine ecosystem will excite your senses and you can swim with sea turtles, sting rays and maybe witness a shark or two also. Enjoying the thrill of water sports is also one of the unique things to do in Key West. 

5. Try the Conch Fritter and Key Lime Pie

Do you know the people at Key West are called Conches. Those who are not  born but settled there are called freshwater Conch. It is obvious that Key West is a heaven for fresh seafood which includes spiny lobsters, snappy crabs, hogfist, prawns and obviously Conch. Key West has their signature dish named conch fritter which is available across Key West. You can order a portion of conch fritters and enjoy Key West’s signature dish with a stroll on Mallory Street. Another dish that is native to KeyWest is Key Lime Pie, be it frozen on a stick or dipped in chocolate, this is everyone’s favourite. Trying these crispy yet soft conch fritters should be on the list of things to do in Key West.   

6. Explore the Historical side of Key West

If you are a history geek then explore the historical figures like America’s president Harry Truman to Pulitzer prize winner Ernest Hemmingway, this island is filled with famous personalities.  Ernest Hemmingway called Key West his home from 1931 to 1939. His house has now turned into a historical landmark, thus you can visit the place at a minimal entry fee and discover not just about Hemmingway but also American HIstory. Even Harry Truman has a winter house in Key West as a vacation spot. 

7. Ride on a floating Tiki bar 

This is among the top things to do in Key West.  Experience these unique tiki bars and cruise around the beautiful Key West. You can choose from a variety of cruise options available there, some of them are sunset cruise, mangrove cruise, and swimming tours. You can also book a private tiki bar for your specific group of friends. The prices are subjective and depend on the number of people you have. 

8. Enjoy Pleasant Summer 

While the snowstorm affects the northeast part of the U.S as far as south of Atlanta. Key West has never experienced cold weather till date. Thanks to being near the  Equator which results in tropical weather, Key West enjoys all time summer temperatures. Give yourself the chance to explore things to do in Key West in the pleasant weather. You can plan your winter getaway at Key West in those harsh cold weather of North America.  

9. Don’t forget to watch Sunsets

 Key West is home to some of the most beautiful sunsets in the world. Conch people celebrate every night, not only in Mallory Square but at several spots across the island. Visit the tallest building The Top La Concha Bar to witness an expansive view of the sunset and boats drifting through the Key West Harbour.  

10. Taste the Cuban Flavour

 Key West is only 90 miles away from Cuba which means that you can find the Cuban flavours in the key West food. Enjoying the delectable taste of Cuban flavour is one of the top things to do in Key West. The Cuban sandwiches are to die for, the crunchy, savoury layers of flavours will blow your mind. You can expect to see traditional Cuban dancers and musicians on Mallory Square during the evening celebrations.

Tips you need to know before travelling to Key West

  1. Lodging and food can be a bi pricy in Key west due to its location. 
  2. April and May is the best season for you to visit Key West 
  3. Parking near Duval Street is tough to find and might be expensive. 
  4. Driving to Key West is likely to be your  best experience. 
  5. Conch is pronounced as Con-K
  6. The best beaches are not in Key West.
  7. Visit Duval Street during the day for a family-friendly experience.