Difference To Get Educated And Being Illiterate

1. Purpose of Education

The purpose of education is not only about to read and write but it also means to get more knowledge as you can. Purpose of education to gather and know about the facts and figures of this world. The number of students attends their classes only to sit in exams. But if you really want to get educate yourself then you really need to gather lots of information for your career making.

Education helps to utilize the ideas and mindset of the people in a positive way. It brings change in the thoughts and lives of the people. Every student wants to learn new and innovative ideas whereas educational institutes are only depending on old ideas and old innovations.

India is considered the hub of education with lots of talented and gifted students. It is the largest country and it has a number of educational institutes which are offering a wide variety of courses in medical, management, engineering, and arts. In India, the literacy rate is very high. The growth and development of the country are based on educated people of the country.

Being illiterate cannot make the country productive. For introducing productive ideas for the betterment of society it is essential to produce more educated people. If you know about how to read and write you can make such small changes in this world.

After the advancement of technology, technology is introducing multiple tools for the good education of the students. Now education has become the need of every individual only because society demands a well-educated person. An educated person can freely live his life and give answers to all questions.

2. Difference between literate and illiterate Person

There is a big difference between literate and illiterate in this world. Here we discuss the

  • Education gives awareness and teaches about the basic values of life. Literate men give a good lifestyle for his family whereas a literate mother sacrifices a lot with her family and takes care of her family. Whereas if you are illiterate and you are not aware of your surroundings when you cannot deal with society because of your common sense and lack of behavior.
  • A literate person considered the educated men and he can differentiate between bad and good things whereas an illiterate person has no sense and ability to differentiate between good and evil.
  • Education has a very broad concept and it provides the number of opportunities with a good salary for a literate person whereas an illiterate person cannot get top class opportunities for him and get a good salary package.
  • If you are illiterate, you cannot face those people who criticized you in your difficult work. An educated person can take action against those people who criticized him.
  • Most of the time being literate is not only enough, but understanding the needs of the individual is a respectable manner also matter. Education develops a sense of humor to identify the need of others. Whereas the illiterate person cannot read the perception of the people and identify the problem.

3. Literacy Rate

  • The socioeconomic status and growth of any country are based on literate people. If a country has less number of literate people, then it cannot be stable in the race of progress. To secure the growth and good economic conditions in India it is most important to literate the all illiterate people of the country and makes education reliable for all.
  • Free education must be provided for all, especially in rural areas school. The poor conditions of government schools must be maintained.
  • A timetable of the institutes also become flexible for students because many times students who are the job going they cannot give their proper time to their job. The reason behind this because they are earning for their families. Education websites in India are offering a flexible timetable of classes for students.
  • People who belong to different rural areas their mindset must change with the help of various NGOs and government. It is only possible when we deliver speeches and gathering conferences for the awareness of people in the education sector.
  • But the bad thing is that we spend lots of money on the progress of our children education but it does not develop the sense to understand the world.