Britney Spears Fans Defend Star As Naked Pics Spark Mental Health Debate

Britney Spears

Britney Spears fans have spoken up in defense of the star after her latest nude photo scandal sparked a social media discussion about her mental health.

Popstar, 40, has gone through major life changes in the past twelve months. And got engaged to Sam Asghari. Announced her pregnancy.

Spears shared (and later deleted) photos on Instagram that showed her in different states of undress, among other headline-making moments.

On Monday, the “Toxic” singer continued this trend by sharing a series of photos in which she posed completely naked while her hands were protecting her modesty. She shared three photos with multiple images.

A few of Spears’s followers criticized the posts. One wrote about her recently dissolved conservatorship, “Starting to believe those in charge perhaps should have stayed at control.”

Another commented, “Anyone else here legitimately concerned?”

As he defended the singer, Matt Bernstein, a photographer, and makeup artist, shared a screenshot of the criticisms.

Bernstein wrote, “I swear people forget Britney was in the prison of her father’s design for 13 years.” She missed those years when we all were terrible at Instagram and used those in-app filters. She’s happy. Let her be.

Bernstein replied to a follower who asked why “Britney” is so popular. She said it was because people hate autonomous women, but they frame it as “concern.”

One Twitter user noted that the reaction to Kim Kardashian’s famous nude photo for the paperback in 2014 was not nearly the same.

They shared photos of Spears and Kardashian nude side-by-sides. “So Kim Kardashian can do this, but Britney Spears cannot? You all want to call her crazy because she does the same thing as other girls. It will make sense.

Another user shared nude images of several celebrities, including Rihanna and Bella Hadid, Bella Hadid, Christina Aguilera, and Julia Fox.

They tweeted the captions to the images: “The way so many female celebs post nude photos on insta, but Britney does it, they want to switch up and say that she’s crazy.”

Commenter: Britney should be ashamed of posting nude photos.

Another user commented: “What I find truly bizarre about Britney’s mental state over her nude selfies was that we have other celebrities posting similar content on social networks, but they aren’t questioned since it’s perfect photoshopped glam shots instead. Of relaxed, candid photos.”

They also named another celebrity and said: “Emily Ratajkowski frequently posts nude photos of herself & I never read articles questioning her mental well-being?” To me, it seems like a double standard. Britney posts these photos to please herself and not satisfy the needs of others.

Spears wanted to clarify her nude photos from March while she was vacationing in French Polynesia, France, with Asghari in advance of her 28th birthday.

In an Instagram post, she wrote: “Alrightyyy then people… showing my body in French Polynesia to be a rebel and free !!!!!”

Spears was defended in part by many fans for her previous nude Instagram posts in January. Many noted that she was celebrating being free of the constraints of her controversial conservatorship, which lasted nearly 14 years.

Who created this arrangement in 2008 in response to mental health concerns. It saw her financial and personal decisions removed from her until November 2021, when a judge declared it invalid.

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