Are You Following These Basic Yet Powerful Job Hunting Rules

Hey, are you applying everywhere but not getting any leads for your job application? Here are some basic rules that you surely be ignoring. Do you know, on an average every job opening attracts at least 250 resumes? As you can see, there is a lot of competition around every job profile. In that case, you need to make sure you are doing nothing but the best. Your efforts are not complete until you are doing everything perfectly.

Are You Following These Basic Yet Powerful Job Hunting Rules

Everyday there are several people trying for your dream company. You need to make sure that you stand out of those applying for the same position as you. Sometimes you forget to follow some basic rules that have a major impact on your profile selection. Doing every advance effort to get your desired job will be a waste if you don’t follow some basic rules properly. Therefore, Here are some basic job hunting rules that people ignore but can have a major impact in their job hunting.

1. Make Your Job Search Visible:

It is something that is very obvious during a job hunt but many times people shift their focus from this very important point. Many times your connections are aware of some job vacancy that you are looking for. Therefore it is very important to keep your job search visible to others. You never know which reference from your connections turns out to be an amazing opportunity.

2. Specify your job role clearly:

This is a common mistake that everyone makes, by not using relevant keywords in their online application and resume. As this may create confusion for the recruiter to decide whether you are looking for something similar to the job profile offered by them, this can become a big reason of your disqualification in the initial screening process. Your profile should clearly reflect the relevant skills and experience required for the job role.

3. Update your resume time to time:

Any potential employer looks forward to resume as the first impression of any applicant and your first impression decides whether you are suitable for further process or not. Although many times we think our resumes are well written and accurate but with time your resume may lose its value. You need to keep your resume updated time to time so that it remains relevant for the recruiters.

4. Make yourself active on professional sites:

Today every big company is going for online hiring and is available on professional sites like Linkedin. Not only companies but also the professionals working for the company from Vice President to HR, everyone is available on Linkedin. You need to make relevant connections and keep your online profile updated. This will not only help you to get jobs but also to make some influential connections. After all it’s all about connections 😉

5. Reverting with a thank you:

People are not used to things like reverting back to a interview mail that they receive. Here you can simply revert the mail by a thank you. This small gesture can make a lasting impression on recruiters. Since many people do not revert the interview email so frequently, this can boost your chances of getting considered for selection and it is always recommended to revert a mail sended by a recruiter.

6. Make Yourself look stand out from others:

Why are you better than other applicants who are equally qualified and skilled as you? This is the question that any recruiter looks for hiring anyone. You need to provide them a good answer for this question by showing your unique points. It can be your personality or instant problem solving skills.

Lastly, whatever you do, don’t ever send the same resume to every job opportunity that you receive. Also, bid bye to that old resume you have been using since long. You can now easily create a resume with tools like Canva within minutes. So what are you waiting for? Get it started!

Happy Job Hunting!