All You Need To Know About Education System In Australia

Australia education is a well-structure. The education system has established in a standardized structure of education system in Australia for International student is based on the capabilities, personality, communication technology, intercultural understanding for study in Australia. There are large number of primary and high school where most is public. English is the official language in the article on education system.

School in Australia

School is compulsory until the age of 16 for Australian primary education system. There are government school, non-government school. The school must be register with the state or tertiary education department. Variety of programmed conduct for the outcome of student. Australian education system explained such as power point, podcast as well as assignment and test are conducted.

  • Trained and qualified, specialist teacher in their education area.
  • Standardized facilities such as computer programming and internet access.
  • Achievement program are organized for the top- universities students in south Australian education system

Services provide to the overseas student

The right is given to the student of Australian university education system to sign an agreement with the institution, of university of Australia which include paying fees, information about refund of course money and service to be provided.Tuition protective service (TPS)refund service for international student in such case that the institution is unable to teach the course in Australian education.

Australian qualification framework

Australia is working on the student on the practical bases of life education through different topics to study abroad Australia. The AQF Australian qualification frame work establish from 1995 in Australian education office. Represents the higher education system in Australia. There are 10 levels of criteria in Australian framework in Australian collage system to know how the education system works

  • Level 1 – certificate 1

Graduate at this level will have knowledge, skill initially as junior.

  • Level 2 – certificate 2

Graduate at this level will have knowledge and skill as supervision.

  • Level 3 – certificate 3

Graduate at this will have practical knowledge and skill for machine operator, officer.

  • Level 4 – certificate 4

Graduate at this will have practical knowledge, skilled for specialist and technical work, manager, supervision.

  • Level 5 – diploma

Graduate at this will have theoretical and specialist knowledge and skills for professional work.

  • Level 6 – advanced diploma

Graduate at this will have broad knowledge skill for paraprofessional highly skilled work.

  • Level 7- bachelor degree

Graduate at this will have coherent knowledge and skill for professional work.

  • Level 8 – graduate certificate, graduate diploma

Graduate at this will have advanced knowledge and skill for highly skilled work.

  • Level 9 – master’s degree

Graduate at this will have skill for research and practice.

  • Level 10 – doctoral degree

Graduate at this will have critical and systematic understanding, skill for advance of learning professional practice.

Academic dates in Australia

There are some reliable dates for universities in Australia. The academic course for Australian education standards…

In school: starts from the end of January or starting of February, mainly has 4 semester and conducted till 13 years.

In foundation: it starts from February mostly depend upon the course, it has 1 year and semester is depend upon the course.

In Training and vocational education: it take 1- 4 years of study, has two semester and starts from February.

In under graduation:starts from March, probably have 2 semester, and take 3 years.

In post-graduation: it takes 1-2 year, two semester and, starts from March depend upon the course.

The course credit and exemption

As in the university each subject have 6-8 hours but there is a point to define the below or average. During semester an average student will study 4 semester. For the Australian education act of bachelor degree a person requires 144 credit points and for post-graduation it 96 credit point in the Australian university education system.

The international 2 year program known as international Baccalaureate. Australian exam system held in 140 countries in the university and can be easy converted in Australian tertiary admission rank.

Course exemption can be granted for compulsory courses. If in course exemption no unit is assigned.