Advantages Of Using Pneumatic Pumps In The Cosmetic Sector

Since its invention by Jim Wilden in 1955 as a mining pump, pneumatic pumps have today become one of the main references within pumps and fluid handling equipment. The unique technology of the doubled a diaphragm pneumatic pump offers interesting benefits for sectors such as the cosmetic, chemical, or pharmaceutical industries.
Do you want to know how these pumps work? What operational advantages can they bring to the cosmetic sector? Keep reading and find out!

Pneumatic pumps: characteristics and principle of operation

Unlike other industrial pumps, such as hydraulic pumps, the operating principle of this fluid handling equipment is based on compressed air. The design of the double diaphragm pneumatic pump, also known as the diaphragm pump or its acronym, AODDP, includes a double-diaphragm, connected by a central axis.

The movement of the membrane allows us to increase the volume of the pump in the chamber during suction and reduce it for expulsion. Pneumatic Pump Also has a regulating valve toad just the air pressure according to the flow and a check valve, to control the movement of the fluid through the chamber of the pump.

Pneumaticpumpsforthecosmetic sector

Do you work in the cosmetic industry and are you thinking of renovating your equipment with a new industrial pump? These are some of the main advantages offered by pneumatic pumps for the transfer of fluids within the cosmetic sector:

  • Adaptability

The double diaphragm pneumatic pump is an extraordinarily versatile industrial pump model, capable of working with flow rates from a few liters per hour to high flow rates of up to 50,000 liters/hour and delivery pressures of up to 8 bar.

Pneumatic Pump Can is adapted to very different fluids, with different viscosities or solid particles in suspension. Its Main Qualities, it should also be noted that these are self-priming and dry-running pumps.

  • The robust, lightweight and handy design

Pneumatic pumps stand out for their resistance, built-in plastic materials, stainless steel or ductile iron. Ifyouneedtoworkwithacidsorabrasivefluids, there are also anti-corrosive versions. Unlikeotherrotarypumps, these pumps, and fluid handling equipment, that you can find in Boyser are characterized by the screwed design,  which makes them very simple to operate, light, and handy. In addition, pumps designed for chemical processing applications, such as those required in the cosmetic sector, have long-lasting diaphragms.

  • Accuracy and safety

Thanks to the technology of the doubled diaphragm pneumatic pump, these pumps, and fluid handling equipment is an excellent option if you are looking for a high-precision dosing pump, capable of meeting the high demands of the cosmetic sector. Ontheotherhand, the absence of mechanical seal makes the operation of these pumps totally safe, avoiding drips, leaks, or contamination of the product.

  • Low maintenance costs and long service life

Lackingasketsor mechanical seals make pneumatic pump equipment for fluids with long service life and very low maintenance and repair costs.

Interested in learning more about these pumps and fluid handling equipment? What models are more suitable for the cosmetic sector? Ask your industrial pump manufacturer for advice and find the perfect solution for your business!