8 Wonderfully Thoughtful Mother’s Day Gifts

Mother’s Day arrives on the 10th of May this year, and it provides you with the perfect opportunity to show your mother how much you care. You’ll make the most positive impact by putting genuine effort your gift, so it’s worth bypassing the classic bouquet of flowers and instead considering what might suit your mom’s unique personality type. Here are eight suggestions that will inspire you and help you make the perfect gesture this year.

1. Frame some childhood art

You can honor your fond memories of childhood and spark a fun day of reminiscing if you find a piece of art from your younger days and preserve it in an attractive frame. You’ll get bonus points if you can somehow unearth a child drawing or painting that represents your mom (or you and your mom).

2. Cook her favorite foods

Instead of taking your mom out to a restaurant, consider making all of her favorites from scratch and enjoying a cozy evening at home together. Even if you’re not the best cook, the time and effort put into arranging the dinner is sure to count for a lot!

3. Make a list of the things you appreciate

The typical mother does a lot for her children over the years, and much of it goes unremarked upon. Show your mom that you know how much she has helped, supported and enhanced your life by making a list of some of the things you appreciate. You can include anything that makes you feel grateful, from general themes (such as her unwavering sense of humor) to specific instances (such as the time she showed she believed in you by supporting a new hobby). You can either present this list in a Mother’s Day card, type it up, or write it down. No matter the format, this will be a gift she treasures.

4. Arrange a spa treatment

If your mom is overworked—either in the office or at home—then a spa treatment will give her a chance for much-needed rest and relaxation. This is a particularly good gift for the type of woman who tends to put the needs of other people before her own. A spa treatment can be anything from an hour-long massage to a trip to a resort in a beautifully secluded area. If you haven’t caught up in a while, you might even consider going with her. Meanwhile, if it’s not possible for your mom to take a trip, you can improvise by buying her some high-quality skin treatments and bath products to try at home.

5. Make one of her dreams come true

You don’t need to get your mom a new house or a ticket to the other side of the world to make one of her dreams come true. Try jotting down a list of things she has said she wants to experience, and consider what you can realistically arrange or afford. Whether you take her to a city she has never seen, pay for her to take a cooking class, buy the software that helps her learn a language or surprise her with a reservation at the best restaurant in town, the trick is just to bring one of her daydreams to life and show her that you remember the little things she says.

6. Create redeemable vouchers

Often suggested as a gift for a romantic partner, creating a book of homemade vouchers is also a kind and generous way to give something back to your mom. You can fill it with gestures like a free dinner, help with decorating, a movie date and anything else you think she might enjoy on a rainy day. This type of gift is especially thoughtful if you include a little note saying that you look forward to repaying her for some of the amazing things she has done for you.

7. Organize a special photo album

While it’s nice to receive a gorgeous photo album, it’s more meaningful to be given one that is packed full of incredible pictures. You can approach making a Mother’s Day photo album in a range of different ways, but one suggestion is to collect images that depict your mom’s role in various important events in your life (such as milestone birthday, graduations, weddings or births).

8. Give her a personalized gift

Finally, fairly ordinary gifts like paperweights, stationary and keyrings can instantly become incredibly personal and touching if you have them customized. For example, you might give her a mug featuring her favorite movie character of all time, make her a calendar that has a different family photo for each month, or order her a funny pen that features one of her most well-known quotes. There are plenty of sites that let you design products from scratch, even letting you make unusual items like personalized clocks and pet bowls. This type of gift idea is perfect if you’re running low on funds but want to give your mom something that shows just how well you know her.

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