7 Scientifically Proven Health Benefits Of Travelling Abroad

Generally, people love to travel abroad to explore the beauty and culture of abroad places. Along with that, traveling abroad has several health benefits and it has been proved scientifically. By traveling we have not meant the business trip – we are talking about that type of traveling when you have to log out your email account and keep yourself totally disconnect from your usual duties and pack your luggage to enjoy the holiday in abroad. Believe it or not, traveling is highly beneficial for your physical, mental and emotional health apart from the fun and excitement that you enjoy in traveling.

How traveling abroad can help you to live a healthy life?

There has been a lot of research on the health benefits of traveling and in every research, it is found that traveling is highly beneficial especially when you go abroad. Let’s check out some health benefits of traveling abroad:

1. Makes your heart healthier:

The Global Commission On Aging (GCOA) and Transamerica Center for Retirement Studies (TCRS) conducted joint research in the recent past and as per the study, it was found that female who used to travel at least twice a year suffers much less risk of heart attack than those who travel once in six years. The same is also found true in the case of male as well. Male who do not takes break from his work and do not travel at least once in a year suffers a 30 percent higher risk of heart disease and a 20 percent higher risk of death.

2. Relieve from stress:

It is scientifically proved that traveling can lower your stress level dramatically. Traveling abroad will undoubtedly help you to increase your happiness and lower your depression. This happens because people generally chill out while they go abroad for spending a vacation. They used to do many activities like hiking, skydiving, cycling, trekking, etc. while traveling abroad that has many beneficial effects on our health. Sometimes people hire the best commuter electric scooter for enjoying the natural beauties. All these activities help people to remain happy. In research, it was found that three days after vacation people feel less anxious and well-rested. They also remain in a happy mood but these feelings disappear after a week when they return home.

3. Improves brain health:

Travelling can expand one’s mind. While you travel abroad you meet new people and have to adopt the new circumstances. You get to know new culture and tradition and also experience new food. All these new experience can certainly enhance your cognitive flexibility and help you with keeping your mind sharper. Thus traveling can enhance your creativity as well as your personal growth. As per a research study, it was found that those who travel abroad frequently they become more open and emotionally stable.

4. Boost your happiness and satisfaction:

When you travel abroad for spending vacation you usually do not worry about your day to day work. Again it is also seen that the happiness of the people starts even before they actually begin their holiday trip. That means the anticipation of traveling abroad is far greater than the anticipation of traveling physically. That is the reason why the benefits of traveling get started before you actually travel and this boost your happiness and satisfaction before the day of traveling appears.

5. Lowers the risk of depression, anxiety, and anemia:

Depression, anxiety, and anemia are the biggest problems in our society. It is found that millions of people all over the world suffer from depression on a regular basis. Doctors usually prescribe medications for dealing with depression, anxiety, and anemia but it has a huge side effect. But traveling abroad can help you a lot if you are a victim of depression, anxiety or anemia. As per the research that was done by Marshfield Clinic in Wisconsin, it was found that woman who uses to travel abroad twice a year suffers less from depression, anxiety or anemia.

6. Boost your immune system:

While you travel abroad you get exposed to a different environment. This helps in creating stronger antibodies in your body which can ultimately enhance your immune system. When you travel abroad you have to go from one place to another for viewing the natural sceneries and other man-made miracles. Now what happens actually is that when you travel from place to place your body has to adopt millions of new bacteria as you continuously get exposed to dirt. This actually increases your probiotic and makes your immune system much stronger than what it used to be.

7. Keep you fit:

When you travel abroad you have to sit for hours on an airplane or moving vehicles where your body gets the opportunity to take rest. This rest is very essential as when you will reach your destination you will force your body to become active as you have to see a lot of new things for which you have to spend money. It is seen that when people go abroad they used to attempt extreme sport, walk on the city street, walk on the sand at the beach, hike to get the best views of the surroundings, etc. All these activities actually make your muscles more active and it works twice as hard as what it used to be and hence make you more fit than what you were ever before. These are some clear scientifically backed health benefits of traveling abroad. Hence you should pack your bag and visit the place where you have never been if you want to keep yourself healthy.