6 Basic Signs and Symptoms That You’re in Ketosis

In simple words “ketosis” means that your body system is producing ketone bodies. So you get your energy by burning fat instead of glucose.

The keto diet is a trendy highly effective way to lose excess pounds and improve your health.

However, don’t expect the miracle to happen without any of your efforts. As any diet, the ketogenic diet has its own strict rules. When you follow a keto meal plan as prescribed, this low-carb and high-fat diet will start making positive changes to your body. It will raise your blood ketone level, taking you into the ketosis.

There are a few simple signs and symptoms that will help you to understand if you are doing everything correctly and your keto diet has started working. Some of them are pleasant; others are more likely to be called “side-effects” of the diet.

There is nothing dangerous in these side effects, especially if you already aware of them before you start and know how to deal with them.

1) Increased Thirst

A keto diet is dehydrating because it takes a lot of water to convert glycogen into glucose. This is why you might experience increased thirst after your body sheds the water. So when you are on the low-carb diet you should drink much more water than usual. This condition will change, once your body gets used to the ketosis.

2) Reduced Appetite

Decreasing of hunger is another sign of the keto diet. And this is a very positive symptom if you start the ketogenic diet to lose your weight. When you feel full faster, you don’t need to eat as much as previously! Being moderate in food is also good to your stomach, as you do not overeat.

3) Fruity smell of your breath

It is another temporary sign that your body is getting successfully adjusted to the new diet. Everything you eat might taste a bit unusual and funny to you. If you are a social person, in order to feel more comfortable among the public, you should often brush their teeth or use a sugar-free gum.

4) Strong smelling urine

Your body turns into a new condition. Be patient with yourself and give your body some time to get used to it. Be ready to visit the restrooms more often and to experience some new smells in the toilet.

5) Keto Flu and Increased Energy

During the first stages of keto adjustment, you might have a so-called “low-carb flu” or “keto flu”. It is likely to feel a little bit sick and tired. However, once your body gets used to the new source of energy, your overall feeling will dramatically increase. You will notice better concentration and focus as well.

6) Poor sleep

Insomnia can be an issue to some newcomers. You might find it hard to fall asleep during the first weeks, but the situation will improve later and your sleep will return back to normal.

Keto diet is a whole new lifestyle. It will take time to prepare your body for the change, but the result will surprise you.