5 Ways to Improve Your Sleep

Different people have different sleeping schedules. People can be divided into either early birds or night owls depending on whatever they find flexible when it comes to a sleeping schedule.

Early birds are those individuals who are usually up early in the morning to start their day, whereas night owls are individuals who stay up all night and typically find it difficult to wake up early morning. Keeping both these prospects in mind, people who get a good night’s sleep stay fresh for the next day and it is very important for people to get enough sleep every night.

Most experts suggest at least eight hours of sleep everyday. It must be continuous and on specific schedules.

However, sleeping schedule of many people is disturbed and they find it hard to get enough sleep regularly due to their work hours or daily routine.

Here are 5 ways to improve your sleep:

1. Plan a Sleeping Schedule

Divide the hours of the day and conserve at least 8 hours for sleep. According to various studies, it has been stated that a normal healthy adult requires at least 7 hours of sleep every day.

Getting a healthy sleep improves your metabolism and your everyday stress is relieved. However, if you have a busy routine and you are not able to sleep early then you can get busy doing some activity which relaxes you prior to when you sleep such as getting a warm bath. When you’re relaxed, you sleep quickly.

This should be followed on weekends as well, even if you wish to party you must try not to affect your schedule.

2. Drink Herbal Tea

According to many researches it has been proven that herbal tea promotes sleep. You must use the best sleep aid tea for best results. Thanks to the compounds (valerian or chamomile) which are found in herbal tea, you will find it easy to beat stress. Making a daily habit of taking a cup prior to sleep will help improve your sleep pattern if you’re finding it difficult to sleep on time.

3. Using Various Apps To Wake Up

While many people argue that technology is making it difficult for us to sleep, many experts also believe that it can also help you sleep on time. There is no denying the fact that we stay glued to our phones when we should sleep, causing us to waste precious hours, but if used properly these phones can turn out to be beneficial as now there certain apps that can help improve your sleeping pattern.

There are many interactive apps which can help you wake up when you desire and how you desire. Some of the apps like Alarm Clock Xtreme for Android helps you set alarms as well as customize alarms to wake you up. These apps are designed to wake you up when it is the right time for you to wake up, i.e: when your sleep is the weakest. This way you wake up freshed.

4. Doing Yoga

One of the most effective ways to improve your sleep is to burn out your calories a bit before you sleep. Performing yoga loosens up your muscles and even helps to reduce depression and stress which might be acting as a blocking gate between your sleep and you.

5. Eat Light At Night

Having a heavy meal that is full of spice and oil just before your sleeping time is not a good idea as it can instantly trigger stomach problems and disturb your sleep. Eat something lighter that can be easily digested so that you can have a pleasant sleep throughout the night.

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Follow these tips and you will have no problem in enjoying a healty sleep.