10‌ ‌Things‌ ‌A‌ ‌Hotel‌ ‌Concierge‌ ‌Would‌ ‌Love‌ ‌To‌ ‌Do‌ ‌For‌ ‌You‌ ‌(If‌ ‌You’d‌ ‌Only‌ ‌Ask)‌

Many hotel guests can’t think of any task a hotel concierge can do other than providing directions and giving restaurant recommendations. A good hotel concierge, however, has a wealth of local travel expertise you should always take advantage of.

The next time you stay at a nice hotel, know that the hotel concierge can actually do these things for you.

1. Maximize your travel budget

The concierge can suggest ways to explore the city for less. They can tell you a list of the best free sights and activities. They know where you can find nearby happy hours and cheap bars. They can also help you travel to your target destinations for less by giving you money-saving hacks on transportation.

2. Create a smooth travel itinerary

If it’s your first time visiting the city, you might feel a bit overwhelmed with your long list of sights and sounds you want to experience. Chances are that you’re not sure where to start and how to fit them all into your travel timeframe.

Well, you could use a little help from the hotel concierge when it comes to creating an achievable travel itinerary.

Some concierge can help you fine-tune your itinerary and make your travel plan seamless, realistic, and tailored to your interests. They can also help you avoid travel blunders such as closed subway stations, road constructions, and routes that are notorious for congested traffic.

3. Give you travel tips from a local perspective

If you’re creating your own itinerary, you’re more likely to rely on travel blogs and vlogs for ideas. But if you want to seek a second or third opinion, the hotel concierge, who knows the ins and outs of the city, can be a reliable guide.

If you’re looking for authentic local restaurants that serve the best dishes in town (and are not tourist traps), they know where you can find them. They can also recommend hole-in-the-wall places only locals know about.

They can also give you advice on whether or not a neighborhood, park, or attraction, is safe to visit. If they’re not, they can suggest a safer alternative.

4. Recommend reliable local service folks

Need to look and feel better? Aside from the best restaurants and shops in town, a concierge can provide you with a list of nearby salons, fitness centers, boutiques, and other facilities that are known for their stellar services.

5. Make reservations for you

A concierge can go beyond recommending the best restaurants, barber shops, gyms, and other facilities in town – they can also help you schedule an appointment.

Restaurants, for example, are more likely to fit in customers who are referred to by their preferred concierge contacts. If they’re completely full, the concierge can often get your name on top of the waiting list.

6. Book you a ride when times get rough

If finding an Uber ride or hailing a cab is difficult due to the rush hour, bad weather conditions, and late hours, a concierge can help you get a ride. With just a few phone calls, the concierge can arrange transportation for you.

7. Provide you with anything you need for work

Traveling for business? Should you need help with work-related tasks, like printing documents, mailing packages, setting up a meeting space, and hiring a courier service, you can turn to your hotel concierge for assistance.

8. Help you address travel sticky problems

Travel problems, such as a stolen passport, late-arriving luggage, or broken phone, can turn a supposedly fun trip into a nightmare. It’s a good thing that hotel concierges can help you navigate these sticky problems. They can help you find an expeditor or schedule an appointment with the embassy, facilitate repairs, and accept overnight mail or late-arriving baggage.

9. Assist you with your special needs

If you’re disabled or are traveling with elderly family members and/or people with special needs, a hotel concierge may offer considerable assistance. They can call wheelchair-accessible taxis, recommend restaurants that accommodate certain food allergies, and suggest attractions with ramps and elevators for increased mobility.

10. Make your occasion extra special

Planning to propose to your wife in a romantic Kilkenny hotel on your anniversary? Just let the hotel concierge and they can help turn that plan into reality and give you an unforgettable experience,

Many concierges have been actively involved in planning marriage proposals, birthday parties, and anniversaries. They can decorate your hotel room and arrange a private romantic dinner setting. They can also arrange romantic skiing trips, horseback riding trips, rooftop dinners, and other romantic activities couples can enjoy.