10 Healthy Breakfast Options To Try Today

Breakfast is, without a doubt, the most important meal of the day. You need to provide your body with fuel, in order to kick start your day. If you don’t eat breakfast, you’re essentially running on empty (as you’ve been fasting all night), and your body will enter the dreaded “fat storage mode”.

Although you need to eat something in the morning, bacon on white bread isn’t the answer. There are so many healthy, easy, and delicious options for breakfast. Start incorporating the following ten healthy options into your routine today!

1. Avocado and Egg on Toast

Eggs are full of protein, and avocados are a rich source of essential fatty acids. Since avocado is so creamy, it spreads onto toast like butter. Anytime you can replace butter, you’re stepping in the right direction. Simply poach or scramble an egg and place it on top.

2. Smoothies

The possibilities are endless when it comes to smoothies. You can pack so many nutrients into your smoothie with very little effort. Since smoothies are fast, they’re the perfect breakfast option before work. You can even take them to go.

When making a smoothie, add both fruits, vegetables, nuts, and almond milk or fruit juice. Greek yogurt is also a great addition, as it makes it a bit creamier. Berries are always a personal favorite as they provide beautiful flavor as well as antioxidants. Throw in some greens like spinach or kale for additional nutrients.

3. Scrambled Eggs with Vegetables

Once again, this is an easy, healthy breakfast to prepare. Simply beat two eggs and add a variety of your favorite vegetables. Cherry tomatoes and spinach are a great combination, but the possibilities are endless. Eat this skillet of goodness by itself, or throw it on top of some whole-grain toast.

4. Peanut Butter and Banana Sandwich

After much demand, most groceries stores have started carrying all-natural and organic peanut butter as an alternative to additive packed, HFCS laden options like “Peter Pan”. Toast a piece of whole-grain bread, spread some peanut butter on top, and then add your sliced bananas. This delicious breakfast treat is packed with a variety of vitamins and minerals. Peanut butter is also very high in protein and a great option for vegetarians.

5. Oat-Based Muffins

Why not get creative and bake some muffins? There are so many great muffins that incorporate zucchini, carrots, raisins, flax, and a wide variety of other ingredients. To add some sweetness, mix in some healthier options such as honey, cane sugar, or maple syrup. If you’re not a baking “pro”, no problem; pick up a tray of oat-based muffins from Whole Foods, Natural Grocers, etc.

6. Oatmeal

Good old fashion oatmeal hits the spot every time. Oatmeal is packed with fiber, making you feel fuller, for longer. It is also known to help reduce your cholesterol. For added flavor, toss on some berries or a touch of brown sugar.

7. Tea

Besides water, tea is the most highly consumed drink in the world. It has been around for thousands of years and for good reason. All tea (black, green, and white), provides you with antioxidants. They also help hydrate you first thing in the morning! Theanine, which is found in green tea, is believed to reduce feelings of anxiety and can help get your day started on the right foot.

8. Fruit and Yogurt

Seems simple and boring, but this combination tastes another but boring. You can change which fruits you use from day-to-day, creating new combinations. You can literally top it with anything you’d like. This is another great place to throw in some seeds and nuts for added fiber, protein, and omega-fatty acids.

9. Freshly Squeezed Orange Juice

Fresh OJ is a breakfast classic, but truly fresh OJ is hard (if not impossible) to find. When orange juice is freshly squeezed, it still contains beneficial enzymes which are generally killed in the pasteurization process. It takes some time to squeeze your own, but just pick up some oranges and squeeze away the night before, you will not regret it! Cranberry juice is another great option, helping to fight off bacteria that are commonly linked to UTI’s.

10. Whole-Grain Cereal

Cereal can be a tricky one, as many options are packed with sugar and artificial ingredients. This is why you should purchase whole-grain cereal. A great example is a bulgur. It is low in calories but provides you with immense amounts of fibre. Once again, this is a great opportunity to add some more nutrient-dense options such as fruit, flaxseeds, or almond milk.